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When their old battered school had to be demolished, the children plead loud and clear: “Save Our School”. And they were heard! BAOBAB STRONG held a successful "Walk for Education" to raise funds. Construction began immediately on their brand new school.

The students and teachers are thrilled! This project ensures a better future for the whole community. BAOBAB STRONG and the people of Masungamala are truly appreciative of the generous donors​.​​

Catherine Gumbo of BAOBAB STRONG organized and led the "Walk for Education" in impoverished rural Zimbabwe. She tells her first-hand account of the successful and inspiring fundraising walk that helped the Masungamala community build a desperately needed school. It was a personal and heart lifting journey for Catherine, who had lived in Masungamala as a child. On her quest, she returned to her roots, bringing the tools and inspiration to lead others on the path to escaping poverty.


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​​BAOBAB STRONG is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to strengthen people living in poverty by supporting quality education and fostering healthy communities.

These students are in rural Zimbabwe.

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Pictured above are the children of the Zamani Early Childhood Development (ECD) School, first established in 2013. These students have outgrown their tiny single room thatched roof mud hut. Because we believe that education is the best way to escape a life of poverty, BAOBAB STRONG began assisting this school in 2015, with the ultimate goal of building a more adequate school for the impoverished rural community.

Story Excerpt:

“The dusty roads get muddy and impassable during the rains. They had dried up during the walk but elephant footprints were making the road very uneven. In fact, at various times in the past, the road had been closed due to damage from roaming elephants. Mr. Ndebele told us that we would not even be able to see the elephants until they were very close due to the overgrown vegetation. Fortunately, the only scary animal encounter was when a snake slithered across the road in front of the walkers that were ahead of us.”

​​See the amazing progress happening at Masungamala Primary School. 

INTRODUCING... Zamani ECD School

​​​See the amazing progress happening at Zamani ECD School. 

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The Masungamala Primary School Project

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The Jibajiba Secondary School Project

​Construction of the school has begun, but much work remains. Please join our effort to complete the new Zamani ECD School, and help brighten the future for these students!

Catherine's Walk for Education

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