Hi! I was one of the first students who attended the Jibajiba Secondary School.  Having graduated, I wanted to put my education to good use helping my community.  The Jibajiba community has very few businesses.  It is a long distance by donkey cart to the next town that sells supplies.  It was time our local community had better access to much needed supplies.  So I’ve helped open a small store in Jibajiba. This experience has been helpful to improve the lives of our local residents.


Though BAOBAB STRONG sees education as the best way to escape poverty, it alone may not be enough for everyone, nor is it possible for every person.  This is why we are also helping to generate business and job opportunities for those that are less educated, or for those wanting to put their education to best use.  We are seeking sustainable solutions to boost incomes, lifting families out of poverty.

Join Our Endeavor!

Collet N.


Setting Up Shop

Goals & Current Projects

  • Job training.  As our education program matures, vocational training will be provided to improve opportunities for employment and business development.

  • Mentoring for women. Besides job training, a mentoring program is being established specifically to encourage and empower female entrepreneurs.

  • Microfinance.  We are pursuing microfinance opportunities to improve growth opportunities via financial services for self-employed low-income individuals.